Poor Circulation & Cold Feet

If you have poor circulation or cold feet, consider this:

By wearing thick shoes and walking on hard, flat surfaces, our foot muscles go limp, or dormant, which results in atrophy! When this happens, there is no activity to pump blood to and from our feet. Our feet need to exercise just like the rest of our body!

That is why Barefoot Science exists.

Our feet are naturally designed to be barefoot, reacting to the ground beneath us. Because this is not always possible (especially in urban areas and in winter months - or in the workplace) we have replicated this same effect/benefit. Barefoot Science insoles are NOT like any ordinary insole. They are not like any other insole at all. They actually exercise your feet while they are in your shoes. Not only does it feel incredible, but it is the easiest form of exercise you will ever do. It is not a gimmick like those electric belts that were supposed to give you abs in the early 2000's. This is actually a 7-level exercise program. It is impossible that you will go through the levels and still have weak, atrophied or flat feet. Furthermore, YOUR muscles will become a pump, increasing your own circulation.

Diabetes, Neuropathy & Cold Feet

If you (or someone you know & love) has diabetes, then we have good news for you (keep reading!). If you do, you're surely aware of the scary stats about diabetic neuropathy, foot amputation and mortality. You may also have heard that the only measure you can take is to use compression, thick diabetic shoes and even orthotics. Did you know that customers have reported that orthotics actually WORSEN the neuropathy or numbness over time? What if we told you that adding cushioning or supporting devices can actually do the OPPOSITE of fixing the problem? However, there IS a real solution! Strengthening your feet, increasing circulation in your foot naturally, rehabilitating your foot and restoring its muscles to their natural function is what you need to do; and that is precisely what Barefoot Science was designed to do. Read some of our customer's testimonials below. 

Which insoles are the best for diabetics or people with cold feet? 

Meet our Therapeutic PLUS model: 

This BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ insole is clothed in Celliant – a revolutionary product proven to increase blood circulation. Therapeutic Plus meets the requirements for safe and gentle foot care, making it ideal for people with circulation problems like diabetics.

We are happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We have offered this for years, and we rarely get requests to use it. But we mean it!! There are no catches here. We just want to help, and know that we will!

Here are a few testimonials from customers:

As a 39 year old mother of two boys and with a busy career, I have often wondered and worried about my foot health. The custom orthotics seemed to be a kind of answer when it came to straightening my ankle and reducing some of the pain caused by this misalignment, but the side effects of positioning my feet in the hard orthotics actually increased the numbness, lack of circulation and muscle atrophy that the neuropathy was already causing. (Not to mention the need to purchase expensive, wide-fitting and not necessarily attractive shoes that could accommodate the orthotic.)

The experience of wearing the Barefoot insoles has been not only eye-opening, but foot changing. Within the first hour of having the insoles in my shoes – at level one of course – I began having more feeling in my feet than I’ve had for a very long time. My feet felt good – in fact they were beginning to feel warm.

It really was amazing. The other things that have surprised me now that I’ve worn them for two years, are the fact that they are extremely comfortable – providing cushioning to my feet which can be tender, they have not – as I was afraid they might – caused my ankle to turn or be painful. In fact, my ankles, legs, knees and hips feel great – not unsupported.

I wear my Barefoot Science insoles in my shoes every day, but I can now also spend time barefoot and in shoes – such as summer sandals – without them and not have the painful, swollen ankles and sore feet that I used to get when not wearing shoes with my orthotics. Obviously the “foot strengthening” promise is true.

Lastly, I have gained some mobility back. I could not, for example, curl the toes on my left foot without causing a massive cramp in my foot or calf – and sometimes I couldn’t really move them at all. I can curl my toes any time I want to now.

It’s amazing what you will learn to live with because you’ve been told that it’s the best solution – or only solution. In hindsight, I’m somewhat incredulous that I could accept the side effects of my custom orthotics as okay. As a diabetic you are constantly told not to wear things that are too tight, that cut off circulation or that don’t allow freedom of movement. So why is it acceptable to put our feet into hard, molded orthotics that do all of the things we’re not supposed to?

My feet are integral to carrying me through life and I don’t want to lose them to amputation. Particularly if you are a diabetic – and even if you’re not – I urge you to see the amazing difference the Barefoot Science inserts will make to your mobility.” – Sarah Wilkins, July 2012

“I am a 68 year old male, diagnosed with Type II diabetes 14 years ago. Throughout my life I have had foot issues, first because of having flat feet, then later because of diabetes. I bought numerous off-the-shelf insoles in an attempt to ease the foot pain Iʼve experienced much of my life due to persistent issues with plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the plantar muscle in the foot. Finally, I tried podiatrist-prescribed shoe inserts that I wore for approximately two years; however, my foot issues continued. The doctor-prescribed inserts were hard and provided no cushioning, no stability, no pain relief. It felt like I was wearing thick braces for my feet. I continued to have plantar muscle issues. I also found it difficult to buy shoes that would work well with the thick inserts. I was at my witʼs end. Then I heard about Barefoot Science.

When I first learned of Barefoot Science insoles, I was skeptical, having tried the many off-the-shelf insoles and the very expensive doctor-prescribed inserts. But, I thought, what can I lose? Upon purchasing my first pair of Barefoot Science insoles, I hurried home to try the product. I followed the instructions provided with the insoles and I put them in my cross-training shoes, starting with Level 1, as recommended. The moment my feet touched the ground, I knew I had something different. The insoles werenʼt hard. They felt natural. For the first time in many years, my feet felt planted, stable, even strengthened. What a great feeling! I no longer had to walk gingerly to ease the pain.

I have been wearing the Barefoot Science insoles for over a year. I am now at Barefoot Science Level 5, which works best for me, and my feet feel great. They feel strengthened. I no longer have issues with plantar fasciitis. I have increased stability. Even my posture has improved because I feel more stable, with less sway. I now manage my Type II diabetes through regular visits to an endocrinologist, by counting carbohydrates, by eating well-balanced low carb meals, and by regularly exercising. This resulted in a significant decrease in amounts of medication required, and I have no diagnosed neuropathy. Medical tests on my feet show strong circulation throughout my feet.

Barefoot Science has made a world of difference to my feet, to my overall stability, to my posture, and to my ability to withstand strenuous workouts. I now wear Barefoot Science insoles in all my shoes. They work as well in my dress shoes as they do in my workout shoes. Now, at the gym and elsewhere, I happily recommend the Barefoot Science System to my fellow workout partners and to my friends. This is a product that works.” – Roger McBee, Wimberley, Texas


Barefoot Science is the only product in the world that is patented and proven to enhance proprioception and addresses the main cause of neuropathy by strengthening the foot muscles.

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