Barefoot Science insoles are the best I have ever come across including a $500 pair I have from a foot doctor. I think I originally saw them on an infomercial either on line or on TV. I have them in every pair of shoes and sneakers I own. They have improved my overall arch health dramatically since I began using them. They also last a long time as you can see from the time I placed my last order for 5 in 2010. Hopefully the company continues offering this great product in the future. Thanks again for your help.

Kelly Ellzey

It all started when we made the decision last year to check off one of our ?Bucket List? items and hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). For those of you who don?t know, the PCT starts at the Mexican/Californian border, follows the crests of the Sierras and then the Cascades, ending up at the Washington/Canadian border. It?s 2,650 miles of 90% Suck, but that 10% WOW more than makes up for it! Read More

Ken Honig

First and foremost, I am absolutely thrilled, and I mean thrilled, with your product. My problem foot has not felt this good in 25 years, and I am just astonished that your insoles could accomplish so easily what a zillion visits to 'experts' and a zillion dollars for custom orthotics could not. I admit to being a little skeptical when my wife first came across your product online (I am not usually persuaded by TV infomercial type of stuff) but the many online comments (mostly very positive) about the insoles and your own very prompt and comprehensive responses to my inquiries sold me initially, and the rest is history. My only fears going forward are either you change the design or you choose another line of work and your business closes!! Hopefully neither will happen and you enjoy continued success and prosperity.


Just wanted to let you know that your insert is the best thing I've tried for my plantar fasciitis. For several years I hobbled around in awful pain and could barely walk at times. Had several cortisone injections over the time period. Finally found your product. I hated having to pay nearly $75 but it's the best money I've spent in a long time. I move them from one pair of shoes to another... I even put them in my slippers! As long as I use them, I don't have pain...but on a couple of occasions I thought I'd see how it went without them and after a few hours I could tell I'd made a mistake. I've been wearing them for about 7 or 8 years and I swear by them. I've told everyone that has feet problems or back problems... Your product is wonderful! Thank you... please don't ever go out of business! ... the other inserts just aren't the same.


I have level 4 in now and plantar fasciitis is a distant memory. I have also stopped wearing my orthotics. Thanks for convincing me.

Sophie Marchessault

... for the past week, I have been walking with so much more ease, thanks to you. Again, thank you so much...

James Hope

I have been working in the Security industry for over 20 years. I'm on my feet a lot and walking miles upon miles for patrols. Years ago I went to my doctor for pain I was having in the bottoms of my feet. He told me my arches were falling and that I needed to get insoles. My wife picked me up a set of Barefoot Science insoles from the infomercial. Now this was 15-20 years ago and I'm happy to say they are still going strong. I have put a ton of miles on them and have not had any pain since I started using them. I think it may finally be time for a new set. I do have to commend you for a quality, strong and reliable product. I thought the price at the time was a little steep but if I knew they would last as long as they have and that they would fix the problem in my feet I would not have hesitated to get them.

This is a quality product that I recommend to friends and family all the time. Thank you for helping me with my medical problem and making my job that much easier.

Wendy O Neill

Many thanks for introducing me to your product. As a runner I have suffered from various injuries on and off for years. Achilles Tendonitis, Planter Fasciitis and Chondromalacia Patella have been re-occuring injuries which were caused by my over-pronation due to flat feet.I have consistantly stretched, iced and spent many hours with my physiotherapist. Despite doing everything I was told to do, my injuries would come back. After being introduced to Barefoot Science I thought why not give it a try, I have nothing to lose. The five stages made the transistions very easy without any discomfort. After a few weeks my feet felt stronger and for the first time ever I could see a small arch under my foot. Instead of pronating I could now feel myself walking on the outer side of my foot and using my toes more for support. The product has helped with all my injuries and I am now running in a shoe with far less support than before. It feels great!

Joyce Barkhouse

I want to tell you how Barefoot science insoles helped me. I started walking last summer and was enjoying it very much. Then I got plantar fasciitis. Ouch! I could hardly walk around in the grocery store or mall it hurt so badly. I tried the gel insoles for a while but they didn't help. I was telling a friend how bad my foot hurt and she told me about Barefoot Science. She said they helped her. I went immediately to Shopper's Drug store (only place here I could find them) and put them in my sneakers. I could see a difference on the second day. Wonderful. The pain eased up. What a relief. I had been getting physio also. But it was the insoles that helped me.

I have had them in now for a few months. I have told everyone about these even the pharmacist at the drug store and told him that if ever he has anyone asking for foot help he should recommend BAREFOOT SCIENCE to them. Thank you for helping me walk without pain.

Jordan Flowers

As a minimalist runner, I probably spend more time than most people thinking about the health of my feet. I?ve been through the process of freeing my feet from traditional running shoes and was immediately aware of the lack of strength in my arches. I also became painfully aware of how flat my left foot was when compared to my right. I assumed this was something that would self-correct over time, but after a year of minimalist running, my arch showed no signs of resurrection. Like you, I read blogs and reviews about barefoot trends and technologies. I admit that I had seen an article about Barefoot Science insoles, but I passed it off as ironic. Someone was calling an insole a ?barefoot? product. It didn?t make sense, so I paid no attention. Read More

Derek Newbatt

I just want to let you know how well these have worked for me. I have had shin splints and pain in my ankles and knees so bad I could hardly walk. I had orthotics that didn't help. I have seen huge improvements after just a couple of months. I was wondering if you make them for children as I have a daughter who needs a pair.


I am very grateful to you all for developing this product. Thank God No more pain. Thank you guys. I am passing this info to many others. The arches on my feet were collapsing. A pain I don't wish on anyone. Your product restored my arches to normal.


To my fellow Pod people and persons that have foot related problems, I've found a product called Barefoot Science. I like this product and I use it daily, both for myself, and my Podiatric patients, I personally have had foot related injuries and deficits that caused daily foot pain for years as a result of my military service, not any longer though with my Barefoot Science inserts. I would not go without these inserts in my shoes. I was introduced to this product at a foot healthcare symposium, by Mr. Derek Denton of Alamo Medical services... Read More

Tom Louden

We talked on phone a week ago & I ordered the 3/4 inserts from you. I received them yesterday - thanks so much for mailing them out on Monday! The exciting news is I was able to run damn near pain-free for 1st time in 13 weeks! Cautious cautious optimism!! The insoles free up my feet & the pressure points seem to be in an area of arch that somehow removes pressure on fascia - my feet have so much more freedom & I ran uninhibited because it didn't hurt! So, I'm obviously taking things easy here but just wanted you to know, so far, very very good! Thank you! Have a great day.

Jeff Stapleton

I have been running barefoot or in the Vibram FFs for the past decade. Thus, I do not need to be ?educated?re: the benefits of barefoot midfoot running. My squat/scoot technique of tight/light/compact/forward running has proven time & again to be one of the safest, most efficient & powerful ways to distance run. My physical issues started years previously when (like most serious runners) I wore the 'coffins' religiously. After fighting piriformis & Achilles tendonitis issues off & on for years, I switched to barefoot/FFs running. However, I still had the lingering issues. After having hours of various treatments from some of the best practitioners in Ontario over a number of years, I was ready to accept my fate as a 'run-in-constant-pain' runner (if I wanted to continue running @ all). This in spite of all my knowledge, specific training off-road & barefoot running. I met Lance & Rob from Barefoot Science about 2 years ago &, after a bit of convincing, tried the full sole graded proprioceptive insert. Almost immediately, I noticed a reduction in my Achilles pain. The piriformis pain was slower to dissipate (& still crops up from time to time). I continue to wear the 1/2 sole insert in my work & dress shoes & even use them in my FFs during the depths of our Canadian winters. I'm convinced that the neuromuscular/proprioceptive stimuli provided by the Barefoot Science inserts work in conjunction with barefoot training/running to keep the feet, Achilles, calves, knees, hams., quads., hips, gluts & back in proper balance & injury-free. A # of my clients (runners & athletes) are now using the B-S inserts with consistently positive results.

Dave Lemke-Sports/Neuromuscular Therapy Educator

Honestly if I could bring about this kind of change with manual therapy and exercise then folks would flock to my seminars.

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